“Providing a high standard of small animal medicine and surgery with strong professional ethics and compassion.”

Dr. Christian Croquenois, who was practicing for the past four years in the San Fernando Valley, has recently acquired Cahuenga Veterinary Hospital in Hollywood

Dr. Christian is originally from France where he practiced veterinary medicine before moving to the US. Time has proven his level of expertise, continuously driven by his passion for new techniques and medical advancements. He excels in internal medicine and surgery. His warm and caring manners, as well as his success, has been highlighted in the endless 5 stars reviews he obtained in his time at Nordhoff Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Croquenois and Staff

Conveniently located to Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Surrounding Communities in Los Angeles, CA

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Trusted & Experienced Veterinarian

More About Dr. Christian Croquenois

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Christian obtained his “Doctorat en Medecine Veterinaire” from maison Alfort, Paris. He practiced in France before becoming certified by the American Veterinary Association and practicing in the US.

PHD in Immunology

Two years of research in the field of general immunology contributed to the study of immunoadjuvant (P40) on type hypersensitivity in an award winning thesis.

Author of Multiple Publications in Dermatology

USDA Approved and Licensed in California

Certified in Ultrasonography

Former Resident Small Animal Surgery Division, Paris - Maison Alfort

Former Resident in Small Animal Cardiology Division, Paris - Maison Alfort

What People Are Saying

Mary MortensonJanuary 20, 2020

WOW! I have never had a vet contact me to see how my dog was progressing after a couple of months. When I mentioned she was still limping, he asked me to bring her in again. Upon exam, it was determined she was going to need knee surgery. Dr. C is so compassionate and knowledgeable. My golden was in great hands and she came thru surgery like a champ! Dr. C called the following day to see how she was doing! I love that extra touch, because he truly cares and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!! He’s my vet for life!!

Chantal LongJuly 18, 2020

Dr. Christian is one of the finest vets I have seen in many years. Not only he has diagnostic expertise, he has highly advanced surgical skills. He is a vet with kindness and humanity. He truly is an animal lover first and foremost and treats the animals in a holistic manner with respect to the animal and the owners. He treated a very delicate case of cancer on my chihuahua as would a top human doctor with top science and absolute care for the patient and gave me the information I needed to hear and understand. A real professional with integrity who truly cares.

Tammy KranzoMay 12, 2020

I’m so grateful for Dr. Christian! Dr. Christian saved my two and half year old Siamese cat leg from amputation! After getting two other opinions from specialty vet hospitals that were incredibly expensive and not as caring or confident, Dr Christian did an external fixation surgery that worked perfectly! It was a less invasive recovery and he and his staff helped us through the recovery period with such caring.

David M.August 1, 2020

Dr. Christian. Thank you for the care you gave Bleu since you first met him to his final moment. It’s obvious how much you care and how hard you work. I think you did the best that could be done for Bleu.

Brett H.February 10, 2020

Dr. Croquenois saw my dog for a torn or strained ACL, he was really wonderful with her, she trusted him and didn’t try to run for the door. She actually gave him kisses I couldn’t believe it.

Anthony & Stella HopkinsJuly 30, 2020

Thank you Dr. Christian for the magnificent care you and your staff have provided for Tommy the miracle kitten.