Skin disorders are extremely prevalent in California among our pets. The most common skin disorders are allergy-related, we call this atopic dermatitis.

Atopic Dermatitis

Canine Atopy (atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis) is an increased sensitivity or overreaction to substances in the environment that would be otherwise harmless. The lengthy list of allergens includes grass, trees, pollens, dust mites, or mold spores. In most cases, symptoms will be noticed one and three years of age.

Since the disease has a hereditary nature some dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Bulldogs, and Westies are predisposed. However mixed-breed dogs can be affected by canine atopy.

Infectious Disease

The most common infectious disease in dermatology is called pyoderma and due to secondary infection by a cocci called Staphylococcus.

– Parasitic diseases such as demodectic dermatitis
– Immune disease: Pemphigus, lupus are the most common
– Endocrine disease (thyroid or surrenales disease)
– Genetic diseases other than allergies
– Otitis (ear infections) also linked to atopic dermatitis