Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

Surgery and dentistry 

At CVH, surgery drop off is typically in the morning, between 8:30 and 10:30 am.

Your pet will need to be fasted –no food past 8pm the night before.

If your pet is under medication, make sure to ask us if you should administer the medication prior to the surgery. 

We will reach out to you once your pet has woken up from their procedure and let you know when you may pick up your pet (typically at the end of the afternoon). 

Our nurses will go over the specific recovery instructions with you upon pick up. 

If under any circumstances you are concerned about the health or behavior of your pet after returning home, pleases reach out to us.


Ultrasounds are performed the day of based on urgency. Typically, ultrasounds must be scheduled.

Abdominal ultrasounds require your pet to be fasted, do not feed your pet the morning of their appointment. 

Cardiac and Abdominal ultrasounds typically take one to two hours and may require sedation. 

If sedation is needed, we usually recommend dropping off your pet as it will take over an hour.


Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

It can be stressful when preparing your pet for surgery. Here are some helpful tips to aid in preparation and recovery.

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Testing and Lab Work

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Our Pharmacy

At CVH, we have partnered with an online pharmacy to ensure that your prescription medication ordering process is as easy and affordable as possible.

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