Dr. Christian removed an eye mass on my dog’s eyelid. He is 14 going on 15 years old, a Maltese and still vibrantly active. He woke up just fine and wore a cone on his neck for a week or two. He ate and drank just fine afterward. He looks and feels so much better! His eye wart was growing and touching his eyeball starting in January. It was beginning to make his eye red so we’re so happy to get this done for him! Thanks Everyone at Cahuenga VET AND dr. Christian and the techs! We’re so appreciative. They even cut his nails while he was under and that made me tear up.


Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

It can be stressful when preparing your pet for surgery. Here are some helpful tips to aid in preparation and recovery.

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Testing and Lab Work

Has your pet recently gotten lab work done at our hospital? Here is when to expect test results.

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Our Pharmacy

At CVH, we have partnered with an online pharmacy to ensure that your prescription medication ordering process is as easy and affordable as possible.

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